Purbanchal University Biratnagar Exam Results 2012 2069 2070

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Results for Purbanchal University

Courses: Bachelors, Masters

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Purbanchal University (Purb Uni), also known as Eastern University Nepal publishes their result regularly online in its “Office of The Examination Management” website – www.puexam.edu.np

This easy to use function is very easy for students to use.

The steps are:

1) Select FACULTY – if it is Science and Technology or Management or Arts or Education or Law or Medical and Allied Science


3) Select SEMESTER or YEAR

4) Select EXAM TYPE – if it is Regularor Back or Chance or Betterment


6) Type REGISTRATION NUMBER – in format: xxx-x-x-xxxxx-xxxx


If you are looking for other notices or results (such as Entrance Results) from Purbanchal University, visit the Purbanchal University Page at http://nepalscholarship.com/tag/purbanchal/ 

Purbanchal University Nepal Results Page

To view the results, visit Purbanchal University Biratnagar Nepal Exam Results

On 27 September 2012 – Purbanchal University Results are published for Chance Exams for 5, 7, 8 Semesters – B.E. (Civil / Electronics & Communication/ Computers), B.I.T., B. Arch. – 5/ 7 , B.C.A. – 5, B.Sc. Biotechnology – 8

On 15 October 2012 –  Purbanchal University Results are published for several semesters – MBA (Fall session) – 1, EMBA (Fall session) – 1, MPA Master of Public Administration – 4, MHHM (Hotel and Hospitality Management) – 1, M.Sc. PRD Population and Rural Development – 1, BLAS Liberal Arts and Sciences – 1, 3, 7, B.Sc. Biomedical – 1

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  4. One year B.Ed ko result kahile ho aaune?

  5. Its pretty cool to see this result this… thanks http://www.noguarantorloanshop.co.uk/

  6. BE 8 semester ko result kahile aune hola kunni……………………

  7. exams should be in time.how many times an candidate can give exam? regas year 2004 wt about it/

  8. pu le student ko future sang khelbar garnu uchit ho ta???????????????????/

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  10. bed second year ko kahila ho result

  11. bed 1st ko result kahile prakasan huneho exam deko 14 mahina huna lagyo

  12. one year bed ko ragistresion no ko formate thaha vaena

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