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Nepali Calendar 2070

If you are looking for Nepali Calendar 2070, we have prepared for you an easy way to get to Nepali Calendar.

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Nepalese Calendar is based on Bikram Sambat which is 57 years ahead of Gregorian Calendar (Anno Domini).

This year’s Tika for Dashain 2070 is on 14 October 2013 (28 Ashoj 2070).

Nepali Calendar 2070

Click on these links below to view each month.

Nepali Calendar with Holidays

Baisakh 2070 Calendar
Jestha 2070 Calendar
Ashad 2070 Calendar
Shrawan 2070 Calendar
Bhadra 2070 Calendar
Ashoj 2070 Calendar
Kartik 2070 Calendar
Mangshir 2070 Calendar
Poush 2070 Calendar
Magh 2070 Calendar
Falgun 2070 Calendar
Chaitra 2070 Calendar

Important Holidays for 2070 (in 2013) are

14 April 2013 – Nepali New Year
5 October 2013 – Ghatasthapana (Dashain)
14 October 2013 – Bijaya Dashami (Dashain Tika)
3 November 2013 – Lakshmi Puja (Tihar)
5 November 2013 – Bhai Tika (Tihar)

Download Nepali Calendar 2070 PDF

Here below you can also use Bikram Sambat (BS) to Anno Domini (AD) Calendar – from Nepali Calendar to English Calendar and vice versa.

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