IAAS Notice for BSc Ag and BVSc AH 2069 2070 TU Rampur Admission Scholarship

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Notice Published By: IAAS, TU

Notice for: BSc Ag and BVSc & AH

Academic Year: 2069-2070

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Office of the Dean at Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS) TU has published a notice that notifies the eligible and interested students to fill up the application form for admission in BSc Agriculture (BSc Ag) and Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry (BVSc & AH) for the academic year 2069-2070.

The can be submitted from 1 Ashoj 2069 till 27 Kartik 2069 (12 November 2012) paying the formal application fee.

The students can also pay late processing charges (double) and fill up the application form for another week, ie, from 1 Mangshir till last date 7 Mangshir 2069 (22 November 2012).

The Entrance Exams will be held on:
BVSc & AH – 22 Mangshir 2069 (11:00AM) – 7 December 2012
BSc Ag – 24 Mangshir 2069 (11:00AM) – 9 December 2012

The full notice can be viewed here: TU IAAS Admission Notice for BSc Ag and BVSc AH 2069

Download Application Form: Application Form for BSc Ag and BVSc AH 2069

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19 Responses to “IAAS Notice for BSc Ag and BVSc AH 2069 2070 TU Rampur Admission Scholarship”

  1. i am searching for PhD chance in molecular genetics of insects( wild bees)

  2. bsc ag ko lagi physical group ko le admission garna pau6 ki paudaina

  3. BSc.Ag ko laagi physical le pani paucha but u must have sutdied biology in 11.

  4. paucha but 11 ma bio liyeko hunuparcha!!!

  5. college Re open vayo ra?

  6. ktm bata form varne system 6a ki 6aina hola?

  7. Prachandra Nepal on December 5th, 2012 at 3:03 pm

    22 gate Entrance Exam hunchha ki hudaina ? Hudaina bhanne halla chha ni k ho ? prasta paraun ta..bhanne hamlai lai racchha…..

  8. 22 gate ko exam hunchha ki hunna…prasta paraun ta…bhanne hamlai lai raha…

  9. I want to study B.Sc Ag in up coming new section. So what can I do for preparation?
    Is there any bridge course class?

  10. Prabit Binadi on May 17th, 2013 at 2:39 am

    hat is the total cost of completion of bsc.ag.

  11. Lokraj binadi on May 17th, 2013 at 8:28 am

    i want to read bsc.ag.can you give me the information about how much money is required to complete this course

  12. approx 2.5 lakh 4 yrs 8 sems

  13. rampur ko entrance ko lagi syllabus kata painxa?

  14. rampurma form kahile khul6.entrance class kaha padhai hun6.

  15. i want to join BSCAg but i dont have any idea about form so that wil you heip me

  16. bsc ag padhna ko lagi k garn u parcha mero 11 ko rslt aauna baki cha yo year ta admsn huna paedaena hola k arko year ma admn hunapaencha tesko lagi 1 year gap garna tayar chu yedi arko year ma sure bsc ag padhna paencha bhane tesko lagi k k garnu parcha plz malae infoormation dinuna yedi arko year admn huna paeyena bhane ta kina bekar gap garnu paryora

  17. Bibash Chhetri on July 15th, 2014 at 4:23 am

    syllabus kata paenxa bsc. ag ko lagiii?

  18. I want to study AG. in Private.. can I have any alternatives???

  19. who studied masure math in inter level they can be use applie in bsc ag

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