BBA or BBS in Nepal?

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Well now that 10+2 (or its equivalent high school qualification) is dealt with, what majorly concerns most of the Nepalese students from the Management background (also many students who opted for Science earlier but now are looking forward to a career in Management) is – “What now – BBA or BBS??” “What is the difference between BBA and BBS?”

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It’s not like these two are the only subjects available for achieving a Bachelors degree in Management in Nepal. There indeed are other subjects such as Bachelor in Travel and Tourism Management (BTTM), Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM), Bachelor in Health Care Management (BHCM), Bachelor of Business Information System (BBIS), Bachelor in Information Management (BIM), Bachelor in Business Administration in Banking and Insurance (BBA – BI) but keeping in mind the current trend and pattern of the students in Nepal, one thing that is clear as crystal is that BBA and BBS are certainly more desired than these other Management courses.

So, BBA or BBS in Nepal?

BBA or BBS in Nepal?Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) is a four-year business degree that encompasses general business and finance-related courses and focuses majorly on the managerial abilities of the students. A course that satisfies the internationally accepted 16 full years of schooling required for pursuing further education, BBA lets the students grab a diverse understanding regarding the operational areas of a corporation, BBA is offered by four different universities in Nepal namely Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University and Purbanchal University. At the end of four years, a student will have probably acquired proper and practical managerial skills, adequate decision-making capability and almost up to date communication skills along with possible specializations in fields ranging from accountancy to Business ethics to organizational behavior to strategic management.

On a similar note, Bachelors in Business Studies (BBS) is quite advanced than B.Com but still not as advanced as BBA. A three-year course offered only by Tribhuvan University in Nepal, BBS is regarded as more or less traditional form of Management studies with major emphasis on theoretical study than practical enhancement. Comprising of a total of 14 courses in period of 3 years, the major target of BBS is to equip the students with an ability to adapt in the ever-changing managerial vicinity. At the end of the three years, the graduates will have general business knowledge with a few specializations in related fields along with a variety of job opportunities in different domains of commercial business and also establishment of essential jobs and opportunities for all of the others.

Yet again,

Shall I choose BBA or BBS?

Where many people will tell you that BBA and BBS are almost similar courses with the only difference being their names, the proper comparison between BBA and BBS can be presented as:

  • BBA, being a four year course, has a better recognition in the International level than BBS since it doesn’t actually fulfill the requirement of 16 years of schooling.
  • When different graduates holding both BBA and BBS degrees are kept under evaluation under similar circumstances, opportunities of both jobs and admission for further education are better for the grads holding BBA.
  • BBA being a bit more advanced course than BBS, offers wider practical opportunities where the students will learn to deal with more real-life situations along with guaranteed better placements, industrial visits, presentations and projects. BBA goes beyond the bookish knowledge and sharpens the abilities of students to deal with case studies.
  • Students opting for MBA will face real ease if they hold a BBA degree since some major portions of studies in the MBA are covered in BBA.

Scope of BBS in Nepal. Scope of BBA in Nepal.

The only pro that the BBS actually holds is observed when cost is taken under consideration. Being a year shorter than BBA, it actually is cheaper. In addition to this, for the students opting for an MBA degree from institutions in Nepal, BBS grads hold an advantage since they, at completion of the MBA studies, are a year ahead of their BBA counter-parts.

Whatever choice do you make, what truly matters is not if you take BBA or BBS. At the end of it all, only the discipline that you hold, the dedication that you show and the consistency with which you go forth make you successful.

BBA or BBS in Nepal? | Article written by Guest Writer Umang Bhattarai for Nepal Scholarships

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  1. Thank you very much. For students like me, this tye of scholarship counts a lot. I am economically poor but hardworking student. So,this tye of scholarship helps me to proceed my further education.

  2. I found this information quite informative –

  3. iam poor student but i want to go bba plese help me whay can ido

  4. any class before join bbs? please clearify.

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  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the information because i was very confused about BBA and BBS…… THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my heart………and now i finally have decied that i am going to study BBA……..

  7. i quit found this information elligible to me thanks

  8. Pratik Adhikari on September 7th, 2014 at 4:09 pm

    thank you so much for the information because i am very confused about bba course today my happiness has no bound …….////// for your infomation

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  11. this has reallly clearified me about the importance of bba then bbs ..:)

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  13. thank you as Interesting differentiate bw BBA and BBS makes clarified

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  15. Despite contrasting school of thought about B.B.S , i believe it is much more challenging and interesting than the courses offered by B.B.A.
    B.B.A students generally are deviated towards marketing and human resources and such branches of commerce which requires practical exposures and "gift of toungue". Whereas B.B.S students are skillful in making financial analysis and understanding the complexities of numbers and its impact on micro and macro environment.

    Most of the financial and accounting managers today are the by-product of B.B.S if you see banking and financial institutions. Equally capable of taking positions in top level government offices after completion of their masters. On the other hand , most of the marketing and project managers are B.B.A graduates who are also a good enterprenuers. A B.B.S graduate could be an efficient investor with a good understanding on the conceptuals of risk and return.

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